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Usability and Assessment

The Usability and Assessment Working Group conducts research to measure both the current data practices and opinions of DataONE stakeholders and the usability of DataONE for these stakeholders. Stakeholders include scientists, data managers, librarians, and educators.

The Usability and Assessment Working Group focuses on the research, development, and implementation of the processes, systems, and methods necessary to insure DataONE products and services meet network goals, include appropriate community involvement, and demonstrate progress and achievements of DataONE.

WG Charter (pdf)

Working Group Leaders

  • Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee
  • Mike Frame, Core Science Analytics & Synthesis, U.S Geological Survey

Working Group Members

  • Mayur Amin, Elsevier
  • Denise M. Davis, American Library Association
  • Bruce Grant, Widener University
  • Carol Hoover, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Rachael Hu, California Digital Library
  • H. K. (Rama) Ramapriyan, NASA
  • Eleanor (Ellie) Read, University of Tennessee
  • Alison Specht, The University of Queensland
  • Miriam Steiner Davis, University of Tennessee
  • Lisa Zolly, U.S. Geological Survey

Current Projects

  • Develop a comprehensive assessment approach, instruments, and methodology for DataONE products, services, and deliverables
  • Provide guidance and leadership to DataONE community for the development and application of assessments, performance indicators, and usability analysis techniques and principles
  • Conduct usability testing of selected DataONE capabilities, including the Investigator Toolkit
  • Actively engage the DataONE community in performing usability and assessments

Project Outcomes

Peer Reviewed Articles