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Community Engagement and Outreach

The Community Engagement and Outreach (CEO) Working Group determines effective means for engaging with DataONE’s stakeholders to improve DataONE technical tools and build community capacity for sharing and using data.

WG Charter (pdf)

Create and enhance an online education program including:

  • Plan for and implement a webinar series for the DataONE community.
  • Develop short, informative screencasts that will demonstrate how to interact with tools developed by DataONE and its partners.
  • Enhance the existing DataONE educational modules on data management, including adding hands-on exercises and updating content.
  • Contribute to enhancing web-based resources on the DataONE website, including the Best Practices Database, the Software Tools Catalog, and the Education section.

Co-Lead: Amber Budden (DataONE)
Co-Lead: Viv Hutchison (United States Geological Survey)
David Bloom (VertNet)
John Meyer (University of Washington)
Timothée Poisot (Université de Montréal)
Shannon Rauch (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
Amanda Whitmire (Stanford University)
Megan Mach (DataONE, University of New Mexico)
Heather Soyka (Kent State University)

Past Working Group Members:
Leah Wasser (NEON)
Jonah Duckles (Software Carpentry)
Amy Hodge (Stanford University)
Matt Mayernik (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
Gail Steinhart (Cornell University)
Carly Strasser (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)
Yiwei Wang (DataONE, University of New Mexico)
Stephanie Wright (Mozilla Science Lab)