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Are you a faculty member, educator, project manager or data librarian? Have you been intrigued by how DataONE might relate to you and improve your work? Not sure where to begin?

DataONE has developed several 'personas' that exemplify how DataONE can support the data needs of a wide range of the community. Read about peoples' motivations, frustrations, expectations and solutions in this set of personas that also guide you in understanding how DataONE might enable new, more efficient practices.

Information on the project and a full download of personas is available here.

Individual personas:

Sun would like to find more data that to correlate with the locations of her tortoise populations, so that she can put her research into perspective and identify collaborators.

Jean needs an effective way to create metadata for his phenotypic studies of tomatoes.

Laura believes that sharing data is important for creating holistic views of ecosystems.

Andreas needs real world data for calibrating and assessing his plankton dynamics model.

William would like to make his life’s work in plant taxonomy available to early-career taxonomists who might put it to good use.

Abby needs a comprehensive program of educational modules that will help researchers manage and discover data in a methodical and seamless manner.

Tina would like to learn how to document the data from the citizen science project she runs so that it will be interoperable with other data sources.

Rick likes knowing that his citizen science data can be integrated with other data sets in DataONE to further scientific research.

Elizabeth is a University administrator who believes data sharing is crucial and would like to hire faculty who have contributed impactful data to their fields.”

Mr McMillin needs access to data his students can use to augment the limited data they can collect on their own.

Greta wants to stay involved with the zoology community by contributing her findings to DataONE.