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version control


A distributed version control system (DCVS). Git provides a distributed development, giving each developer/user a local copy of a repository, which includes the entire revision history. Changes are copied from one repository to another. Branching and merging are easy to do. Users are not dependent on network access or a central server so Git is very fast and scales well when working with large projects.

GNU RCS (Revision Control System) is an open source revision control system for text files, source code, programs, graphics, and other documentation. It stores, tracks, logs, identifies and merges versions. Development continues as a volunteer effort under the Free Software Foundation.

Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool and is used for version control of files. Mercurial is distributed, giving each developer a local copy of the entire development history.

The OSF supports the entire research lifecycle: planning, execution, reporting, archiving, and discovery. It provides project management with collaborators, and project sharing with the public. The OSF is maintained by the non-profit Center for Open Science.

SVN (an abbreviation for "subversion") is an open source version control package of the Apache Foundation.

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