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MATT (Metadata AuThoring Tool)

MATT is a Metadata AuThoring Tool that runs from within a web browser and guides you through the writing of metadata using pull-down lists and keywords. The tool has been written using a combination of XHTML and client-side JavaScript. It can be used either over the internet, across a network or offline. When you have finished describing your data, your entries are converted into a machine readable format known as XML. This XML can then be submitted for incorporation into a metadata directory and made available for others to view. All metadata produced by the tool can be straightforwardly transformed into the internationaly recognized DIF metadata format (Currently adopted by GLOBEC and IOC). By default however, MATT produces metadata in a format (MATT XML) that can be submitted into the SADC Regional Metadata Directory.

Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
Additional Information: 

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