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Generic Member Node (GMN)

The DataONE Generic Member Node (GMN) is a complete open-source implementation of a DataONE Member Node (MN). As such, it is a data preservation-oriented repository, and one that manages its content collection through the DataONE MN_Storage API. GMN accepts any metadata format, and provides byte-level persistence of objects.

GMN can be used as a standalone Member Node or it can be used for exposing data that is already available by URL. In the latter case, GMN provides a DataONE compatible interface to existing data and does not store the data. Instead it maintains the associated System Metadata, and other DataONE-specific structures.

GMN can also be used as a software starting point or reference for a 3rd party MN implementation.

If an organization wishes to donate storage space to DataONE, GMN can be set up as a replication target.

GMN is built using the Django Framework and utilizes Apache2 as the web server and PostgresSQL as the underlying RDBMS. Other configurations are possible via adaptation.

Technical Expertise Required: 
Basic programming skills