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DMP Tool

Released in September 2011, this data management tool is based on the requirements of US funding agencies and the institutions conducting the research, and builds upon the DMP Online tool developed by the UK Digital Curation Centre. It allows researchers to quickly initiate a data management plan online. The tool helps researchers answer various data management questions relating to their project, such as how data will be documented and made available for public or secondary uses, how data quality will be assured, backup procedures, and preservation plans. It also aids institutions in identifying costs associated with data management, and helps with forward resource planning.

This tool will:

  • Be web-based
  • Allow users to generate and export data management plans
  • Connect users with information about funder requirements, related resources, and institutional resources/services
  • Initially offer data management plan templates for NSF guidelines
  • Offer local account access as well as some authentication methods to affiliate users with institutional resources
Technical Expertise Required: 
No programming
DMP Tool