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Data Turbine (DT) is middleware for streaming sensor data based at environmental observatories. It provides reliable data transport for a wide range of sensors and a comprehensive suite of services for data management, and real time data visualization. It manages data sources and data sinks, data routing, scheduling, and security.
In the simplest application, one or more of DT's configurable 'on-ramps' reads a data stream from one or more sensors (e.g. a file deposited by a data logger or the instrument itself), making the data accessible to other applications by holding them in its memory. The data are then routed to one or more 'off-ramps' for permanent storage, e.g. a database. While the data are in memory, visualization applications may access them in near real time for monitoring, and quality control routines may be applied.

Some examples of applications accessing the data in DT are a DataTurbine actor which makes the data available to the Kepler workflow system, the real time visualization application Real Time (or Remote) Data Viewer (RDV) and Google Earth.

Technical Expertise Required: 
Basic programming skills
Additional Information: 

Sameer Tilaky, Paul Hubbardy, Matt Millerz, and Tony Fountain, The Ring Buffer Network Bus (RBNB) DataTurbine Streaming Data Middleware for Environmental Observing Systems http://www.dataturbine.org/files/file/e-Science07.pdf Real Time Data Viewer (RDV): http://code.google.com/p/rdv/Kepler work flow system: https://kepler-project.org/

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