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Amber Budden (co-PI)

Director for Community Engagement and Outreach

Amber Budden is Director of Learning and Outreach at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) and serves as Director for Community Engagement and Outreach for DataONE where she works with the DataONE Community Group, post-docs, and working group members. Dr Budden is an open science facilitator, community manager and data literacy trainer supporting the community in open science learning and practices; promoting transparency and credit around data sharing; and enabling researchers to easily document, deposit and access research data. In addition to working as co-PI of DataONE, Dr Budden is also part of the Make Data Count team, co-PI of the Permafrost Discovery Gateway and co-PI of the Arctic Data Center where she leads outreach and training activities.

Amber holds a PhD in behavioral ecology, joint BSc in Psychology and Zoology and qualification in Youth and Community work. Amber’s previous research activity includes bibliometrics, publication practices and behavioral ecology.