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SEAD Virtual Archive joins DataONE as a Member Node

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DataONE is pleased to welcome the SEAD (Sustainable Environment, Actionable Data) Virtual Archive to the growing network of Member Nodes. The SEAD Virtual Archive (VA) is a thin virtualization layer on top of multiple university institutional repositories focusing on preservation of long-tail scientific data. SEAD provides lightweight data services specifically designed to support multi-disciplinary research and to meet the needs of small-team and single investigator projects.

DataONE and SEAD are both funded as part of the innovative National Science Foundation (NSF) DataNet program. The SEAD Virtual Archive is the first DataNet project to join the DataONE network as a Member Node, strengthening the collaborative relationships that exist across the DataNet federation. Other DataNet projects include the Data Conservancy, Terra Populus, and the DataNet Federation Consortium.

“SEAD sees substantial benefit to the SEAD Virtual Archive becoming a DataONE Member Node,” said Beth Plale, co-PI of SEAD and lead of the SEAD Virtual Archive. “DataONE provides science community visibility into the content of the academic institutional repositories partnering with SEAD. This helps both scientists and IRs use institutional repositories more effectively to share research data.”

There are currently 16 Member Nodes participating in the DataONE network with representation in North America, Africa, and Asia. These Member Nodes provide access to a broad range of Earth and environmental sciences data, and this range is further broadened by the inclusion of the sustainability and long-tail scientific data that SEAD VA provides. Through tools like ONEMercury, DataONE provides users with discovery and direct access to over 50,000 packages of diverse data curated by the institutions cooperating together as Member Nodes in DataONE. More information about the SEAD VA and other DataONE Member Nodes can be found at http://www.dataone.org/current-member-nodes.

About SEAD: SEAD supports individual scientists, small groups, laboratories, and research centers throughout the research process to: 1.) Share data and build collections using SEAD’s tools for automatic metadata extraction, viewing, tagging and commenting on data, and continuously improving data while it is used; 2.) Release or “publish” data that will be packaged for cost-effective, long-term storage in repositories, assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) suitable for citation, and made discoverable through the SEAD Virtual Archive. 3.) Find future collaborators and gain recognition as well as find data based on location, time range, people, projects, or publications.