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DataONE at the AGU: Where to find us

Friday, November 30, 2012

Attending the AGU meeting next week? Interested in learning more about DataONE?
Here is a run down of DataONE related activities by day.

All Week:
DataONE will have a section at the NEON booth (#108) in the exhibit hall.
Learn more about DataONE and about NEON!

Monday Dec 3:
IN13B: Open Data for Open Science in Geoinformatics
1:40-5:00 PM, Moscone South Hall A-C
  • IN13B-1504: Data Management for Flexible Access - Implementation and Lessons Learned from work with Multiple User Communities (Invited) abstract

Tuesday Dec 4:
Data Management 101 for the Early Career Scientist
12:20-1:40 PM, Marriott Marquis, Salons 5-6

Abstract: Don’t let the changing face of science leave you behind. The proliferation of data from all sources requires today’s scientists to be knowledgeable about sound data management practices. In this free workshop, everything the modern data-producing scientist needs to know about data management will be introduced. We will discuss the rationale for data management, provide an overview for managing science data and demonstrate use of two popular data management planning tools from IEDA and DataOne. This workshop is open to all AGU attendees. Students and early careers scientists are especially encouraged to attend. For details on the outline and for links to all of our Data Management Short Course modules see: http://esipfed.org/AGUDataManagement101

Wednesday Dec 5:
IN34A. Data Interoperability and Interuse Solutions II
4:30-4:45 PM 2020 (Moscone West)
  • IN34A-03. Next Generation Data Environments (Invited)

6:00-9:00 PM Infusion Lounge: 124 Ellis Street

Thursday Dec 6:
ED41A: Distributing Science Data for Reuse
08:00-12:20 AM, Moscone South Hall A-C
  • ED41A-0672: Supporting the Management of Data Throughout its Life Cycle e-poster abstract
  • ED41A-0671: Necessary but not Sufficient - Closing the Gap Between Data Access and Use by a Broad User Community abstract

IN41A: Data Discovery and Access Services
08:00-12:20 AM, Moscone South Hall A-C

  • IN41A-1482: ONEMercury: Towards Automatic Annotation of Earth Science Metadata e-poster abstract

Friday Dec 7:
IN51A: Advancing Partnerships, Collaborative Platforms, and Knowledge Networks in the Earth Sciences
08:00-12:20 AM, Moscone South Hall A-C

IN51C. Linked Data for Earth and Space Science
08:00-12:20 AM, Moscone South Hall A-C

  • IN51C-1695. Community Science – The Next Frontier (Invited) abstract
  • IN51C-1702. Exploring Sea Ice Composition Using Semantic Data Dictionaries and qb.js abstract
  • IN51C-1703. Climate Change, Disaster and Sentiment Analysis over Social Media Mining abstract

IN51D. Semantics and Cyberinfrastructures for Next Generation Science
08:00-12:20 AM, Moscone South Hall A-C

  • IN51D-1713. Applying Semantics in Dataset Summarization for Solar Data Ingest Pipelines abstract
  • IN51D-1712. Semantic Web Compatible Names and Descriptions for Organisms abstract
  • IN51D-1711. A Mark-up Language for Solar Terrestrial Observations and Measurements abstract

N54B. Designing a Road Map for Workflow Cyberinfrastructure in the Geosciences: From Big Data to the Long Tail (Video On-Demand)
4:15-4:30 PM, 104 (Moscone South)

  • IN54B-02. DataUp: Helping manage and archive data within the researcher’s workflow (Invited)

Partner and Related Activities:

NEON Events: http://www.neoninc.org/news/AGU2012
ESIP Events: http://esipfed.org/AGU2012

Terrapop Usability Testing
Terrapop, one of the NSF DataNets, is interested in getting some informal feedback. If you have 10-15 minutes to spare and would like to contribute to the development of this project, sign up here.

Town Hall Meeting “Physical Samples as Part of Cyberinfrastructure” at the AGU Fall Meeting.
Monday, Dec 3, 2012, 12:30 PM – 13:30 PM Marriott Hotel, Room: Foothill F
Agenda Items:

  1. Update on the International Geo Sample Number IGSN
    1. new developments for use in data publication
    2. governance and implementation plans
  2. Information about the Digital Environment for Sample Curation DESC and the DESC planning effort and workshop, funded by NSF in August 2012
  3. Information about upcoming EarthCube workshops that will address sample curation and archiving issues.

For any questions, please contact Lehnert@ldeo.columbia.edu.--