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BCO-DMO joins DataONE

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BCO-DMO becomes the 35th Member Node to join the DataONE federation.

The Biological & Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) is now exposing its content as a new DataONE Member Node, expanding the quantity and quality of oceanographic data coverage discoverable via DataONE. BCO-DMO is the first Drupal-based repository to join the federation, paving the way for other Drupal users to collaborate with DataONE.

BCO-DMO handles a wide variety of data, including but not limited to biological, chemical and physical oceanography measurements and experimental and model results. They routinely deal with CTD, biological abundance, meteorological, nutrient, pH, carbonate, PAR, sea surface temperature, heat and momentum flux, sediment composition, trace metals, primary production, and pigment concentration measurements, and with images and movies. While DNA sequence data should be sent to GenBank at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), sequence accession numbers and the associated environmental data can be contributed to BCO-DMO. The sequence data are thus discoverable from the BCO-DMO website along with other related data from the same research project, with accession numbers linking to the sequence data repository.

More information about BCO-DMO and other DataONE Member Nodes can be found at http://www.dataone.org/current-member-nodes.

About DataONE: DataONE enables universal access to data and also facilitates researchers in fulfilling their need for data management and in providing secure and permanent access to their data. DataONE offers the scientific community a suite of tools and training materials that cover all aspects of the data life cycle from data collection, to management, analysis and publication.

About BCO-DMO: BCO-DMO, located at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is a combination of the formerly independent Data Management Offices formed in support of the US JGOFS and US GLOBEC programs. The BCO-DMO staff members are the curators of data collections created by those respective programs, as well as more recent marine research awards to investigators funded by the NSF Geosciences Directorate (GEO) Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) Biological and Chemical Oceanography Sections, Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Antarctic Sciences (ANT) Organisms & Ecosystems Program, and Arctic Sciences (ARC).

A more complete description of BCO-DMO is available as a downloadable PDF file as well as online documentation describing the BCO-DMO data management model.