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Announcing the "New" DataONE Community

Monday, May 20, 2019

DataONE is pleased to announce the creation of the DataONE Community, our new community-driven governance organization. This organization will replace the DataONE Users Group (DUG) and we welcome everyone with an interest in DataONE to help shape our future.

Since its creation in 2010, the DUG has represented the needs and interests of data authors, users, and other stakeholders and provided guidance to DataONE leadership. As DataONE transitions to a new leadership team, the DataONE Community will be the source of decision-making and guidance at the core of DataONE. We encourage all DataONE users, participating repositories, and others with interests in the Earth and environmental data sciences to contribute to the evolution of the DataONE Community and provide feedback on its Mission, Vision, and Values Statements and forthcoming proposed Governance Model.

Both documents will be open for discussion and adoption at the first DataONE Community Meeting to be held July 15, 2019 in Tacoma, Washington. Participation is free and registration is now open. The DataONE Community Meeting will be a one-day event featuring plenary presentations, topical breakout sessions, and community-led discussions. The meeting will focus on building upon past successes to grow the DataONE Community and define its structure and goals going forward.

Your active participation in the DataONE Community is essential to make DataONE stronger and more vibrant as we move into the next chapter of our growth. If you have questions or comments about the DataONE Community, contact Karl Benedict and Robert Sandusky via dugchairs@dataone.org. To join the DataONE Community mailing list visit https://www.dataone.org/sign-up. To stay apprised of DataONE’s changes and new capabilities visit https://www.dataone.org/future.