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Announcing a GMN upgrade

Monday, January 23, 2017

DataONE announces a major upgrade to our Generic Member Node (GMN) package.

The GMN is a complete implementation of the DataONE Member Node stack and can be used by organizations to expose their data through DataONE. The GMN version 2 (GMN v2) fully supports the latest version of the DataONE architecture. This includes support for representing data that gets updated (Series ID) and simplified authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). In addition, GMN v2 simplifies maintenance of system metadata (information about the data objects in DataONE), and it contains a number of performance and usability improvements.

Several current DataONE Member Nodes have chosen GMN as their Member Node software solution, including the Northwest Knowledge Network (https://www.northwestknowledge.net/), the International Arctic Research Center (http://www.iarc.uaf.edu/), the Long Term Ecological Research Network (https://lternet.edu/), and the Nevada Research Data Center (http://www.sensor.nevada.edu/NRDC/). Repositories who are interested in collaborating with DataONE as a Member Node and would like to learn more about our Member Node solutions are invited to contact mn-coordinators@dataone.org.

For further information about the GMN, see http://dataone-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/gmn/index.html.