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Supporting Community Outreach and Advocacy for Open Data

DataONE 2019 Intern Rhea Peddinti
Rhea Peddinti

Rhea Peddinti is in her third year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information and Decision Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research interests include information management, data analysis, and strategic marketing. Rhea enjoys graphic design, web design, and photography which she hopes to be able to integrate into her work as much as possible. In her free time, Rhea loves to bake, try out new restaurants, and spend time with her dog.

Project Description: 

The DataONE Users Group (DUG) is the worldwide community of Earth observation data authors, users, and diverse stakeholders that makeup the DataONE partnership communities. The primary function of the DUG has been to represent the needs and interests of these communities in the activities of DataONE. Members of the DUG include representatives of the member repositories, coordinating nodes, researchers and other relevant groups (e.g. research networks, professional societies, libraries, academic institutions, data centers etc.).

As DataONE moves towards a sustainable future (https://www.dataone.org/future) the user community will become increasingly important in contributing to a community-driven organizational structure and in advocating for DataONE products and services. To support this distributed advocacy, we seek to develop an outreach kit for the user group members. The outreach kit content will be grounded in the data compiled from interviews, surveys, and other sources during the previous year.

The intern will design a DataONE outreach kit in collaboration with the primary mentors, who are the current chairs of the DataONE Users Group. The intern will collaborate on development of communication materials for each of the topics / products in formats identified as valuable to the user community (e.g. PDF downloads, slide presentations, image directories etc). These materials will leverage previous materials developed by the DataONE team and be consistent with current DataONE branding.

Primary Mentor: 
Robert Sandusky, Karl Benedict
Secondary Mentor: 
Amber Budden, Megan Mach