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DataONE Messaging: Creating Marketing for DataONE Stakeholder Communities

Megan March
Megan Mach

Megan Mach is an Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, California. Her current research is focused on quantifying how intertidal and kelp forest ecosystems have changed in Monterey Bay over the last 150 years. Though marine ecology has long been her focus, she is working at DataONE because she believes in the inherent value of visuals as a tool to increase interest and buy-in in the sciences. Megan holds a bachelor's of science in biology from the University of Washington, a master's of science in marine biology from Boston University, and a doctorate degree in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia.

Project Description: 

You will be joining the DataONE team to help us create materials that increase awareness and appreciation for DataONE -- the premier global environmental data partner. We are excited to provide this opportunity to someone within media / communication / journalism / marketing or a related field to work with our globally distributed science infrastructure project. DataONE has already identified our broad community, and specific stakeholder needs and interests, which are addressed by DataONE tools and services. You would be helping us create targeted marketing materials that are engaging and meaningful for each audience segment. During this project, you will have the opportunity to design a suite of materials that will be implemented across multiple formats; online, printed, presentation etc. The materials will be designed in consultation with the Director for Community Engagement and Outreach and members of the DataONE Sustainability and Governance committee who will provide all the information you need for your creative brief so the materials design can appropriately reflect the mission and vision of the organization, as well as accurately describe products and services. As with any “agency” work, the design process will require multiple ideas / proofs to be created and reviewed before final concepts are agreed upon for implementation.

Primary Mentor: 
Amber Budden
Secondary Mentor: 
Trisha Cruse and Suzie Allard