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Publish (data) or Perish: Best Practices for Creating, Reviewing, and Publishing Data Products

Karina Kervin
Karina Kervin

Karina Kervin is a PhD student at the School of Information at University of Michigan. Her research interest is understanding scientific data practices in order to apply human computer interaction concepts to scientific information visualization and data management tools. She graduated from University of Kansas in 2009 with her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

Project Description: 

As many at DataONE are aware, the increasing volume of data and complex global problems require increased data sharing. Unfortunately, there is little guidance on how to share data effectively. Based on this, the goal of the initial stage of this project is to identify some of the most common mistakes researchers make when preparing data for publication. Over the past week, I’ve brought myself up to speed on current suggestions for ecological metadata best practices. Then, I started reading reviewer comments on accepted data papers to see what problems the reviewers were identifying as potential problems with explanations of the data (metadata). Some of the overarching problems identified in this first pass are inadequate descriptions of the geospatial locations sampled and unclear methodology.

Primary Mentor: 
Bill Michener
Secondary Mentor: 
Bob Cook