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Transition to the Future

The DataONE network provides search, discovery, access, and preservation for hundreds of thousands of data sets, and advanced services including data replication and citation reporting for its members. DataONE enters its second decade with a renewed sense of purpose and the goal of helping make earth observation data progressively more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

We invite participation from current collaborators, new partners, and the broader community as DataONE continues to plan for the long-term future and accessibility of Earth and environmental data through the development of the broader DataONE Program.

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News Updates

Sep 23rd 2019
DataONE Executive Director Rebecca Koskela to become Executive Director of the EarthCube Office

Congratulations to our colleagues at the San Diego Supercomputing Center, ESIP and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign on their new NSF award to host the EarthCube office (ECO) for the next three years. This collaboration represents an excellent opportunity to further support the geoscience community with computational infrastructure and integrate the Earthcube community with the highly successful community platform developed by ESIP over the last 20 years. Read more ..

May 20th 2019
Announcing the "New" DataONE Community

DataONE is pleased to announce the creation of the DataONE Community, our new community-driven governance organization. This organization will replace the DataONE Users Group (DUG) and we welcome everyone with an interest in DataONE to help shape our future. Since its creation in 2010, the DUG has represented the needs and interests of data authors, users, and other stakeholders and provided guidance to DataONE leadership. As DataONE transitions to a new leadership team, the DataONE Community will be the source of decision-making and guidance at the core of DataONE. Read more ..

January 14th 2019
DataONE Begins Transition to New Leadership

A new Management Team has been identified to lead DataONE into 2020 and beyond. The DataONE project has flourished under the insightful leadership of Bill Michener and the DataONE Leadership Team, and has been managed for the last nine years under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation DataNet program. Bill Michener and the current Leadership Team will continue to manage the remaining project deliverables on the original NSF-DataNet award through September 2019. In parallel, the new Management Team will start in February 2019 to implement future initiatives for the DataONE program and build sustainable new sources of support for the organization. Read more ..

June 12th 2018
DataONE: Transitioning for the Future

DataONE continues to plan for the long-term future and accessibility of Earth and environmental data and we need your support.

DataONE was seeded and has grown through the support of an NSF DataNet cooperative agreement. As we approach the end of that award, the leadership of DataONE in conjunction with the DataONE Users Group and other stakeholders, are actively developing sustainability options for 2020 and beyond. Read more ..

Get Involved and Stay Informed

All communications regarding DataONE future development will be posted to this page, communicated via our mailing list and posted on social media. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and follow our twitter channel (@DataONEorg).

To become more actively involved in discussions regarding the future of DataONE as a community driven program we invite you to reach out to the co-chairs of the DataONE Users Group, join the monthly DataONE Users Group Steering Committee call or reach out to the DataONE Program Management Team.

Contact Information: DataONE Program Management Team

Matthew Jones, Director
NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara

Amber Budden, Co-Director (Education and Engagement)
NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara

Dave Vieglais, Co-Director (Technology)
University of Kansas

Suzie Allard, Co-Director (Usability and Assessment)
University of Tennessee

Terms, Definitions and FAQs

DataONE Project
The DataONE Project refers to the infrastructure, research and resources developed and managed between 2009 and 2019 under cooperative agreements with the National Science Foundation DataNet program (Award numbers 0830944 and 1430508)

DataONE Program
The DataONE Program is the future-facing organizational structure and activities that will sustain DataONE through 2020 and beyond. A Management Team for the DataONE Program was established in February 2019 to facilitate smooth transition from NSF DataNet funding.


  • Why is there a change?

  • The NSF award to the University of New Mexico supporting the DataONE project ends in September 2019. Both Bill Michener (project PI) and Rebecca Koskela (Executive Director) are based at UNM and will be transitioning to new opportunities at the end of the award. Administrative oversight of DataONE will will be relocated to UCSB and a new Management Team will take responsibility for sustainable support of the DataONE program.

  • How did the organization determine the new leadership?

  • In addition to their expertise in cyberinfrastructure development, community engagement, and project management, the four members of the Management Team are all co-PIs on the current NSF award and have extensive history in developing and supporting the DataONE project. Jones and Vieglais were the principal architects of the DataONE cyberinfrastructure and are best poised to extend that work into the future. Budden and Allard have spearheaded our community engagement and assessment activities, respectively, and are best suited to expand our activities in those areas. The members of the Management Team are all at institutions other than UNM and are in a position to lead grants and services that support the DataONE program.

  • Will this affect products and services functioning?

  • Current services, including repository onboarding, federated data search, data replication, the DataONE API, and education and training will continue unabated into 2020 and beyond. Current resource commitments at UCSB, Kansas, and Tennessee will be used to continue the services while the Management Team builds new sustainable support for the DataONE program. Future directions of the DataONE program will be evaluate in discussion with the community and broadly communicated.

  • Have all stakeholders been informed?

  • Transition planning for DataONE sustainability has been a topic of discussion within the open DataONE Users Group meetings, as part of Member Node communications, with the DataONE External Advisory Board, with NSF Program Officers and the DataONE team. These conversations are ongoing and this page serves to collate announcements and information on future actions.

  • When can we see a strategy and plan from the new leadership?

  • The DataONE team has been phasing in additional awards to complement the main DataONE award for several years. Current collaborative projects such as Make Data Count, the Whole Tale cyberinfrastructure project, and the MetaDIG quality improvement and guidance projects already are providing new services within DataONE and associated data repositories. The Management Team and other DataONE community members are actively pursuing a new sustainability strategy that will involve a mix of approaches, including fee-for-service programs, new grant funding, sponsorships, and partnerships. These programs will be discussed within the community and announced over the course of 2019 as plans mature.

  • Will there be changes to the organizational structure?

  • The new Management Team led by Jones, Budden, Vieglais, and Allard represents a change in organizational structure for the purpose of new activities, but the current Executive Team and Leadership Team will continue to manage the deliverables and final months of the NSF project according to our existing cooperative agreement. As new initiatives emerge, and as plans for a revamped DataONE community organization are developed to assume the current role of the DataONE Users Group, we expect that the Management Team will continue to evolve the governance of DataONE to be consistent with those plans.