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Librarian Outreach Kit

Data are diverse - spanning time, space, and disciplines - and are being generated at unprecedented rates. These large volumes of data are required to answer some of the most pressing ecological challenges, yet such globally distributed data can be difficult for researchers, educators, and others to discover, access, and integrate.

DataONE addresses these challenges by providing a single search interface that allows discovery of content from an ever-growing collection of data repositories. Similar to WorldCat.org, DataONE provides librarians and educators with an easy tool to help patrons search, discover and access environmental data.

  • Aid in discovery of and access to pertinent data
  • Help with conversion and preparation of datasets
  • Assist in quality metadata creation
  • Become a data management trainer

Below, we have provided a Librarian Outreach Kit to facilitate education in the area of data management and provide an introduction to some of the most relevant DataONE products, services, and resources of value to institutional librarians.

DataONE in Support of Data Management

  • Find out more about DataONE for libraries and researchers in our two-page brochure.
  • Learn how to use and teach about DataONE resources with the Researcher’s Guide.
  • User stories from researchers to help teach about data management (text and videos).
  • Watch our video tutorials to learn how to search for data through DataONE.
  • Understand the Data Lifecycle, a framework for managing data throughout a research project.
  • Open the CiteULike bibliography of research needs assessments, specifically aimed at helping librarians and teachers understand the literature

Training in Data Management

Download data management education modules bundled with a lesson, one-pager, exercises and more at the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub
Learn and then teach best practices from our best practices database at the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub
Enhance your understanding of data management practices by watching our Webinars
Teach metadata creation after viewing our Metacat Metadata Editor screen-cast tutorial (coming soon)