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2011 DataONE Users Group Meeting

July 11 - 12, 2011

La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico
DUG Chairs:

Chair: Richard Huffine, United States Geological Survey Library

Vice-Chair: Andrew Sallans, University of Virginia Libraries

Current DUG Members (PDF)

DUG Resources


DUG Charter | PDF Version
2011 DUG Meeting report (PDF)

July 2011 Meeting Presentations

Meeting Agenda

Mon Session 1: DataONE Overview

Mon Session 1: CI Overview Presentation

Mon BreakOut 1: Investigator Toolkit

Mon BreakOut 2 Part 1: DataONE Edu and Outreach

Mon BreakOut 2 Part 2: Community Engagement and Education WG

Mon BreakOut 2 Part 3: DMP Tool

Mon BreakOut 3: Citation and Preservation

Mon Session 5: Prioritizing Member Nodes

Tues Session 2: Marketing Plan

Tues Session 3: Member Feedback Mechanisms

Tues Session 4: DUG Business Meeting