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2018 DataONE Users Group Meeting

DUG 2018: Building a Community of Scientific Data Repositories in an Open Science Landscape

Monday July 16th 2018
Marriott University Park, Tucson, AZ

Sharing materials:
Flyer (PDF) Postcard (PDF)

The theme of the 2018 DataONE Users Group Meeting "Building a Community of Scientific Data Repositories in an Open Science Landscape" acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of the data repositories within the DataONE federation and the importance of interoperability for open science. The meeting will be held July 16th 2018 and co-located with the Summer ESIP Federation Meeting. We will also be hosting workshops as part of the ESIP agenda on July 17th 2018. Both meetings will be held at the Marriott University Park in Tucson, AZ.

Registration is now closed. For remote access information, see the comprehensive agenda

Agenda (summary version)

Comprehensive agenda with room locations, presenters, abstracts and collaborative note-taking / remote access links.

Monday Jul 24th

0800 Breakfast
0830 Session 1: DataONE Overview and Updates
0900 Session 2: Member Node Showcase DUG Business Meeting
0940 Session 3: DUG Business Meeting
1010 Break
1030 Session 4: Panel Discussion - Sustainability
1130 Session 5: Birds of a Feather (Topics TBD)
1230 Lunch
1330 Session 6: Breakouts
Breakout A: Technical Sustainability Through DataONE
(1) Rich Metadata Models
(2) Service APIs and Discovery

BreakoutB: Community Outreach and Education
(1) New Education Resources
(2) Member Node Support Documentation

1530 Break
1550 Session 6: Report Back from Break Outs
1600 Session 7: Community Presentations
1700 Adjorn
1730 Reception and Poster Session

*community suggestions for birds-of-a-feather welcomed

Tuesday July 17th 2018
The DataONE User Group are supporting two workshops as part of the Tuesday ESIP agenda. These and other ESIP activities are not included in the DUG registration and you must register with ESIP for full or one-day attendance.