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Data Stories

Tensions around sharing scientific data have received international attention in recent years and the scientific community is actively working toward creating a healthier dialogue around data management and sharing. DataONE has collected a number of success stories and cautionary tales from researchers related to their experiences with managing and sharing scientific research data. Elicited through structured interviews and/or focus groups, these stories have been converted to a narrative format and some have accompanying videos.

Human Error, the Ultimate Test
Topics: Data Management, Data Protection, Data Backup
The Patience of the Data Hunter
Topics: Data Integration, Data Sharing, Data Discovery, Data Description
To Be, or Not To Be (an Author)
Topics: Data Management, Data Sharing, Collaboration, Data Attribution
Data Lockdown
Topics: Data Sharing, Social Norms
Tallying Every Bug and Byte
Topics: Data Management, Data Sharing, Data Integration, Collaboration
The Long and Winding Road to Public Data
Topics: Data Management, Data Sharing, Data Discovery, Collaboration
If Trees Could Talk
Topics: Data Management, Data Sharing, Quality Control, Data Preservation
A First Foray into Data Sharing
Topics: Data Management Planning
Inventory Overload
Topics: Data Management
The Best Laid Schemes of Backups and Redundancy…
Topics: Data Preservation, Data Backup
The Hard Truth about Hardware Failure
Topics: Data Preservation, Data Backup
Don’t Touch That – It’s Under Revision!
Topics: Collaboration, Data Sharing
The Case of the Missing Research Protocol
Topics: Data Sharing, Collaboration, Metadata
File Organization System, Meet Collaborator’s File Organization System
Topics: Collaboration, Data Integration, Data Sharing
Metadata? I thought you were in charge of that
Topics: Data Management, Metadata