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Data sharing tools adopted by the European Biodiversity Observation Network Project

TitleData sharing tools adopted by the European Biodiversity Observation Network Project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSmirnova, L, Mergen, P, Groom, QJohn, De Wever, A, Penev, L, Stoev, P, Pe’er, I, Runnel, V, Camacho, AGarc&iacut, Vincent, T, Agosti, D, Arvanitidis, C, Bonet, FJavier Bon, Saarenmaa, H
Journal TitleResearch Ideas and Outcomes
PublisherPensoft Publishers

A fundamental constituent of a biodiversity observation network is the technological infrastructure that underpins it. The European Biodiversity Network project (EU BON) has been working with and improving upon pre-existing tools for data mobilization, sharing and description. This paper provides conceptual and practical advice for the use of these tools. We review tools for managing metadata, occurrence data, and ecological data and give detailed description of these tools, their capabilities and limitations. This is followed by recommendations on their deployment and possible future enhancements. This is done from the perspective of the needs of the biodiversity observation community with a view to the development of a unified user interface to these data – the European Biodiversity Portal (EBP). We described the steps taken to develop, adapt, deploy and test these tools. This document also gives an overview of the objectives that still need to be achieved and challenges to be addressed for the remainder of the project.

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