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Bob Cook, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
William Michener, University of New Mexico
Rebecca Koskela, DataONE, University of New Mexico
Amber Budden, DataONE, University of New Mexico
Carly Strasser, NCEAS, University of California Santa Barbara

Karl Benedict, Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC), University of New Mexico
Corinna Gries, North Temperate Lakes LTER, University of Wisconsin
Christine Laney, Jornada Basin LTER, New Mexico State University
Ken Masarie, NOAA Global Monitoring Division, Boulder, Colorado
Mary McCloud, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Inigo San Gil, USGS National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)
Mark Servilla, LTER Network Office, University of New Mexico
Wade Sheldon, Georgia Coastal Ecosytems LTER, University of Georgia
Will Shuart, Virginia Commonwealth University
Kristin Vanderbilt, Sevilleta LTER , University of New Mexico
Chris Jones, PISCO
Cyndy Parr, UMBC
Damien Gessler, iPlant
Emory Boose, Harvard University
Eric Lind, University of Minnesota
Faerthen Felix, University of California Natural Reserves System Sage Creek
Heather Henkel, United States Geological Survey Florida Integrated Science Center
Jeff Brown, University of California Natural Reserves System Sage Creek
Jeff Horsburgh, USU CUAHSI
Jim Regetz, NCEAS University of California Santa Barbara
John Porter, University Virginia
Juliana Freire, Utah State University
Kevin Comerford, University of New Mexico
Margaret O'Brien, University of California Santa Barbara
Rebecca Lubas, University of New Mexico
Robert Olendorf, University of New Mexico
Robert Stevenson, UMASS
Ruth Duerr, National Snow and Ice Data Center and DataConservancy
Steve Tessler, United States Geological Survey Climate Effects Network
Ted Haberman, NOAA Boulder
Theresa Valentine, OSU
Thomas Burley, U.S. Geological Survey - Texas Water Science Center
Trisha Cruse, California Digital Library
Todd Grappone, UCLA
Thorny Staples, Smithosnian
Sherry Lake, University of Virginia
Sharon Farb, UCLA
Perry Willett, California Digital Library
Michael Grady, University of Illinois
Martin Donnelly, University of Edinburgh
Gunter Waibel, Smithsonian
Beth Sandore, University of Illinois
Andrew Sallans, University of Virginia
Marissa Strong, California Digital Library
Viv Hutchinson, United States Geological Survey