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Contribute Data

Member Nodes are the key to getting data available through DataONE. As shown in the Depositing Data into DataONE video, data gets deposited into one of the current Member Nodes, through that Member Node's submission process. Once the data is published through that Member Node, it is available in the DataONE catalog and should work with the various items in the Investigator Toolkit.

Finding a Member Node

The Current Member Nodes page has all of the current Member Nodes which are part of DataONE, and we are working as quickly as we can to integrate the many other data organizations who would like to Become a Member Node. If you work with a data repository which is not listed as a current Member Node, you can contact the repository management to inquire if they are working on becoming a Member Node.

If your data is associated with any published article in the biosciences, you may be able to deposit it with the Dryad data project, which is a Member Node. See http://www.datadryad.org/depositing for more information.

If you work with one of the many projects that use the Morpho and Metacat tools as part of the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB), you may be able to deposit data through that project. The most recent versions of Metacat have the features necessary for the project to become a DataONE Member Node.

By using Dash you have the option to deposit data into ONEShare, also a DataONE Member Node.

Submitting Data to a Member Node

The details of how to submit data to a member node depend on the Member Node and the software that particular repository is running. For Member Nodes running Metacat, the submission process can be as easy as using Morpho to save the data to your repository's Metacat instance. Other repositories, such as the ORNL DAAC, have much more involved data review and curation practices.

Other Data Repositories

DataONE is working to expand the network of organizations and repositories that make up our Member Nodes. However, there is a wide array of repositories available for archiving your data that may differ with respect to cost, disciplinary scope, size of holdings, metadata requirements etc. Registry of Research Data Repositories (r3data) has compiled a searchable catalog of research data repositories and it is worth exploring the options available here if current DataONE Member Nodes do not meet your needs. However, data in these repositories will not be exposed through a DataONE search until the repository is integrated as a Member Node.