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Become a Member Node

Download the Member Node FACT sheet (pdf)
Download the Member Node Partnership Guidelines (pdf)
Download the Member Node Description Form (*.doc form)

How to participate as a DataONE Member Node

Data Centers, Science Networks, and other organizations can expose their data as a DataONE Member Node (MN) through implementation of DataONE Member Node service interfaces. These interfaces enable:

  • MN's to register their content via metadata deposition with DataONE;
  • Users to query (multiple) MN's via a aggregated metadata collection;
  • Data to be replicated, according to defined policies, across multiple MN's and
  • Users and automated workflows to retrieve data for analysis;

MN services are implemented using REST web services. These services are grouped into tiers, to allow MN's to begin with a basic set of functions to register and serve data through DataONE and later expand functionality. Through these MN services, MN's provide access to data collections of interest, including providing metadata describing their data collections to DataONE via the CN's. Through DataONE queries, data users will be directed to MN's. MN's will support (appropriately authorized) data retrieval for users. DataONE MN's and CN's collectively will provide a more integrated and complete set of meta- collections of data to users.

To become a DataONE Member Node an existing or planned data center can:

  • Deploy an existing DataONE MN software stack, modify the MN's existing software to implement the DataONE service API's, or create bridge software to translate the DataONE service API calls to existing API calls in the MN's existing software. See http://mule1.dataone.org for API documentation or contact DataONE for information about existing MN software;
  • Provide contacts for operations and integration activities;
  • Participate in the DataONE community and community activities.