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What is DataONE?

DataONE is a community driven project providing access to data across multiple member repositories, supporting enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental data. DataONE promotes best practices in data management through responsive educational resources and materials... more about DataONE

  • DataONE enters its second decade of activity with a renewed sense of purpose and the goal of helping make Earth observation data progressively more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. We invite participation from current collaborators, new partners, and the broader community as DataONE continues to plan for the long-term future. Learn more on our future directions resource page.
  • DataONE releases new data usage and citation metrics as part of our search platform to support credit for data objects and demonstrate data reuse. The metrics include live counts of citations, downloads and views and allows for more detailed exploration of these numbers, including full citation information and time-scale visualization.
  • Check out the new Data Management Skillbuilding Hub for building better data stewardship! The global research community is collecting and processing massive amounts of information, and the question on all our minds is how best to manage these data. Visit the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub where we have pulled together foundational resources that help all of us become better data stewards, then join our community by using and editing these resources to work for your needs.


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About DataONE Search

Information on methods to search data within the DataONE federation of Member Nodes.


Examples and best practices for how to cite data discovered through DataONE and also citing DataONE resources.


Includes information on finding an appropriate Member Node for submission of data.

DataONE Search

working with data

Through a distributed framework and sustainable cyberinfrastructure DataONE is able to provide the resources to meets the needs of science and society for open, persistent, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered Earth observational data.

Investigator Toolkit

Compendium of familiar tools and extensions designed to interface with DataONE.

Data Life Cycle

A high level overview of the stages involved in successful management and preservation of data for use and reuse.

Software Tools Catalog

A comprehensive, searchable database of software tools that will facilitate your research, a complied and edited by members of the DataONE network.


Member Nodes

DataONE comprises a distributed network of data centers, science networks or organizations. These organizations can expose their data within the DataONE network through the implementation of the DataONE Member Node service interface. In addition to scientific data, Member Nodes can provide computing resources, or services such as data replication, to the DataONE community.

Benefits to Member Nodes

A brief summary of the primary benefits of becoming a DataONE Member Node.

General Requirements

Characteristics and general requirements of Member Nodes.

Become a Member Node

Overview of the four phases of deployment with links to detailed documentation.

Current Member Nodes Summary


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Current Member Nodes

  • Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN)

    Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) is a national network intended to integrate...

    Online with DataONE: 10/19/2018

DataONE Users Group

The DataONE Users Group (DUG) is the worldwide community of Earth observation data authors, users, and diverse stakeholders that makeup the DataONE partnership communities. The primary function of the DUG is to represent the needs and interests of these communities in the activities of DataONE. In particular, the DUG provides guidance that facilitates DataONE in achieving its vision and mission.

Join the DUG

Learn more about the DUG and how to join us.

DUG Meeting Information

Information on previous and upcoming annual DUG meetings.

DataONE Participate



Education is integral to DataONE and spans formal graduate-level training in research and cyber-infrastructure development, to developing informal inquiry-based education modules that allow students of all ages to ask their own specific questions.

DataONE Learn

Screencast Tutorials

Short (~1min) "how-to" video tutorials detailing individual steps for various DataONE tools and services.

Training Events

Details of previous and upcoming training activities held by DataONE.

Data Management Modules

Education modules in powerpoint format that are available to download and incorporate into your teaching materials. Materials are licensed as CC0 and you may enhance and reuse for your own purposes.

DataONE Webinar Series

A monthly webinar series comprising relevant and cutting-edge topics such as open science, the role of the data lifecycle, and achieving innovative science through shared data and ground-breaking tools.

Best Practices

A comprehensive, searchable database of best practices for data management and use across the whole Data Life Cycle.

Data Stories

Short real-life vignettes highlighting challenges and successes in data management.